Rules & Constitution

Rules and Constitution

  1. That the Association be called ‘The Frome and District Angling Association’ the members of which shall be season ticket-holders.
  2. That the Association is managed by a Chairman, Vice President, Membership and Honorary Secretary, Treasurer, and a Committee of up to 12 members. Six to form a quorum; a tie to be decided by the casting vote of the Chairman. The Officers are to be elected annually.
  3. Subscriptions run for 12 months and are due on the date of joining and on each anniversary thereafter. Members choosing the “Auto-renewal” option must either remove any saved payment card from the Clubmate portal or give at least 7 days notice of cancellation prior to their renewal date either via the Clubmate portal or by email to Unless canceled, on payment of the subscription membership will be renewed for a further 12 months, on cancellation no full or partial refunds of subscriptions will be made. Members can change from a ”Auto-renewal” membership to a “One-off” membership by emailing fromeanglers@outlook.comor by messaging via the Clubmate portal. Membership, Day Ticket, and Exchange fees will be published at
  4. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held before July and a further General Meeting may be called as necessary. The Committee will meet as and when needed during the year. Special meetings may be called when required.
  5. That the Treasurer shall keep the accounts of the Association, with such Bankers as the trustees shall appoint. Trustees shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Chairman. Monies to be invested in the name of Frome and District Angling Association. The Treasurer should not be empowered to withdraw any portion of monies before and until sanctioned by the Committee. The financial year will be from the 1stof April to the 31stof March.
  6. That the Committee shall have the power to suspend or add to any of these rules prior to being confirmed at the AGM. Members can propose additions or amendments to these rules for consideration by the committee at any time.
  7. Alterations of these Rules shall be confirmed at the AGM.
  8. That the closing date for nominations of Officers should be no later than 7 days prior to the AGM.
  9. Any Officer or Committee member absent from three consecutive meetings may have their name erased from the Official List.
  10. Members residing outside a radius of 15 miles of the headquarters shall enjoy the privileges of the Association but will not be permitted to have voting rights nor to hold office in the Association unless approved by the Committee.
  11. That the Committee has the power to close any water without previous notice if deemed necessary.
  12. Any person fishing shall, upon request, produce their membership card, confirmation of booking, or Clubmate Fishing app to the Club Bailiff, or to any Member of the Association.
  13. That the hours of fishing be restricted to 1 hour prior to sunrise and to 3 hours after sunset. Night fishing is not permitted on any of our waters. Irrespective of these rules where a fishery has specific rules about times of fishing those rules will have precedence.
  14. Members shall not be accompanied by a dog when fishing, and shall do no damage to gates, hedges, fences, banks, weirs, crops, or disturb or interfere with any livestock.
  15. That no Member of this Association be allowed to carry firearms whilst fishing on Association Waters.
  16. Litter shall not be deposited on the fields, banks or in the water. Any member found littering will be reported to the committee and may have membership either suspended or in the worst circumstances cancelled with no refund of subscription.
  17. All gates to be securely fastened after being opened.
  18. No cars will be allowed in the fields. Parked vehicles to be kept clear of gates and access points.
  19. No fish are to be taken or killed from any Association water, at any time, without the prior permission of the Committee.
  20. The Committee shall have the full power to deal with all cases of non-observance of all or any of these rules and may, for such or any cause, suspend or expel a Member from the Association, and may reject an application for membership if they see fit.
  21. Digging of the banks, removal of woody material, or construction of platforms or angling stations shall not be permitted without the prior permission of the Committee.
  22. Minor swim clearing activities and cutting back of vegetation to gain access to fishing swims are permitted without prior permission of the Committee but any extensive vegetation clearance such as the removal of whole trees, large limbs, or scrub clearance, must be approved by the Committee.
  23. Any person fishing Association Waters must be in the possession of a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence which must be made available for inspection, upon request from a Club Bailiff.
  24. Any person fishing the Association Waters shall not use any instrument, other than rod and line, to catch fish or crayfish, without prior permission of the Committee and the associated authorisation from the Environment Agency.
  25. Local and National Bylaws must be complied with by any person fishing Association Waters.
  26. Where a Fishery or Club (when using an exchange arrangement) has specific rules these will take precedent over FADAA rules and must be complied with at all times.
  27. The Association’s Code of Conduct must be complied with at all times.
  28. The River Mells, Fordbury Water, Nunney Brook, and Wellow Brook will be catch and release fly-only fishing waters. Fishing must be with a traditional fly line or Tenkara setup. The River Frome will be fly fishing only from the 1stof April to the 15thof June.
  29. Fish are not to be removed, transferred, or introduced to, or from, any Association Water without the permission of the Committee.
  30. Barbeques or fires are not permitted on any Association Water.
  31. Access to Association Waters is only permitted for the purposes of fishing or fishing-related activities. Access is not permitted for any other activity without permission from the Committee.
  32. All persons fishing Association Waters should adopt good bio-security practices and follow the ‘Check, Clean, Dry’ principle.
  33. Any Person caught fishing any Association Water without a valid annual subscription, day ticket or Exchange ticket will be asked to leave the water and could be banned from future membership.
  34. Juniors under the age of 14 years must be supervised by an adult when fishing Association Waters.
  35. Members must adhere to any specific fishery rules regarding the use of barbless hooks, members fishing non-Association waters on an exchange ticket or visiting a commercial fishery must ensure they are aware of the fishery’s rules. On Frome and District Angling Association waters; The Lighthouse Lake is barbless hooks only; the fly waters are to be fished with barbless or with hooks with crushed barbs. On the coarse rivers we encourage the use of barbless hooks but this is not mandatory.