Chew Magna Reservoir

Chew Magna Reservoir. Fly Fishing for rainbow trout, £15

Members only, not available to anglers using Exchange Tickets.

This lake is stocked with Rainbow Trout supplied by Bristol Water and is managed by Knowle Angling Club. Fishing is for Knowle members with a special concession for FADAA members to fish with a day ticket. You must read and adhere to the fishery’s rules.

After stocking the fish naturalise very quickly meaning you have to “match the hatch” to catch, in the late spring and summer months there’s an excellent evening “rise”. The lake has parking close to the water.

When challenged you must show your booking via the Clubmate Fishing app, the booking email is not valid as confirmation of your day ticket, without being able to show the app you’ll be asked to leave the fishery.

Drone footage of the reservoir; Chew Magna Reservoir

For location click on the link

Postcode BS40 8PX


  1. There’s a “signing in” book to report attendance and your catch. Sign in and out as a FADAA member.
  2. Limit of one fish to be taken, catch and release permitted.
  3. Hours in summer are 0730 to 2130, winter dawn to dusk.
  4. Floating Lines only.
  5. BARBLESS hooks only – maximum hook size 10.
  6. Point Fly and one dropper (Dry fly, nymphs or wet flies only) allowed.
  7. NO LURES allowed.
  8. Please sign in prior to fishing and complete details at end of fishing (nil returns are required).
  9. If challenged FADAA members should permit for inspection fish, fishing bag or tackle.