Christmas Presents from the EA. Barbel!!
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Christmas Presents from the EA. Barbel!!

Good news!!!!!
On 4th of December 2020 we received a very welcomed early Christmas present from the Environment Agency.
Each year the EA produce a range of coarse fish at their Calverton Fish Farm which are used to restock our rivers and support angling clubs like ours.
Earlier in the year FADAA asked the local EA fisheries team if we could have barbel in our lower stretches of the River Frome as a popular target species for river anglers. The EA agreed to the idea and we are delighted to announce that 500 barbel were stocked into The Factory this morning, followed by another 500 into the Dog Field.
These are good sized fish of 5-6 inches which have a good survival rate, I can’t wait till they start showing as 2-3lb fish.
Thank you very much Environment Agency – Wessex and to the guys at the EA Calverton Fish Farm.
Merry Fishmas Everyone!!