Frome Angling joins Somerset Levels Angling Clubs group.
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Frome Angling joins Somerset Levels Angling Clubs group.

The club has joined the Somerset Levels Angling Clubs group which adds further fishing opportunities for our members. If you’ve not ventured to the Somerset Levels for the fishing I heartily recommend it, it’s some of the best “wild” fishing you can experience.

Full details of the waters included and maps are here;

The group is run by Carol Howe, the treasurer of Bridgwater Angling Association, historically the costs for these waters have been prohibitive for a single club as the geography of the waters falls between a number of clubs.

The idea is that by splitting the rental and insurance costs of £2250 equally between a group of clubs the fishing becomes affordable for all. The members are;

Langport & District Angling Association

Glaston Manor Angling

Tiverton & District Angling Association

Stoke Sub Hamdon Angling Association

Highbridge Angling

Ilmiminster & District Angling Association

Dorchester & District Angling Society

Bridgwater Angling Association

Yeovil Angling